Pillow box

Pillow Boxes

The “Pillow boxes” are boxes in pillow shape. Here you can craft Pillow Boxes in different sizes. The dimensions for the length and thickness are somewhat limited according to the specified width, so that the prepared box is visually pleasing.

All sorts of various things can fit in the boxes. Small boxes are for example suitable for jewelry or soap, oblong boxes for such things as pens or cutlery. You can also construct boxes for scarves or ties.

The boxes have curved folding points. You can choose between two contours: a circular (circular segment) and a somewhat flatter (arc shape).

arc shape
arc shape
Arc shape contour

In order to facilitate the folding of these contours, you should trace and press in advance with a sharp object. I use a metallic pen like in the photo. You can also use a darning or thin knitting needle.

Metal pencil

mm (30-180 mm)
mm (40-220 mm, must be greater than width)
Thickness in middle:
mm (10-50 mm, max. 40 % of the width)
Contour of the Opening:
Type 1 (circular) Type 2 (arc shape)

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